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Well, that’s the kicker! ( Sunday April 12th, 2020)

Well, that’s the kicker!

Categories Everyday life, published on Friday, 10. April 2020, last modification: Sunday, 12. April 2020

Yes, there is something like Covid-19 and it is dangerous. But we can deal with it if we cooperate and take care for each other in new ways.

(Deutsch) (K)Eine Wahl

Categories General, Politik, published on Friday, 17. May 2019, last modification: Friday, 17. May 2019

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Auf die schnelle versuche ich noch zwei aktuelle Ereignisse in Text zu fassen und hier unterzubringen. Vorrangig geht es um die anstehende Europawahl, also meinen Aufruf zur Teilnahme, und meinen heutigen Ortswechsel.
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Everything is political

Categories Empfehlung, published on Thursday, 21. March 2019, last modification: Friday, 5. April 2019

I recommend an interview with a German economist and a conversation with a German social psychologist. I like both persons because of their ideas, visions and actions, even if they don’t agree on all points with each other.

Besides, now is the time for making the European Parliament feel your presence:
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